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Wind Painter Creations LLC

Essential Oil Rollers with Flower Crystal Essences

Essential Oil Rollers with Flower Crystal Essences

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Our Essential Oil Rollers with Flower and Crystal Essences are filled with our special blends of oils, crystals, and flowers, including NON-GMO, organic grape seed oil. High quality essential oils that have only been extracted using cold press or steam method.

  • Calm- Lavender essential oil, dried lavender, and amethyst
  • Unwind- Roman Chamomile essential oil, dried chamomile, and amethyst
  • Confidence- Bergamot essential oil, dried jasmine, and rose quartz
  • Abundance- Clove essential oil, dried peony, and pyrite
  • Good Vibes- Lemon essential oil, dried calendula, and citrine
  • Bye Bye Bad Vibes- Frankincense essential oil, dried butterfly pea, and black tourmaline
  • Transcendence- Clary Sage essential oil, dried chrysanthemum, rainbow moonstone
  • Grounded- Palo Santo oil, dried forget me nots, hematite
  • Uplifting- Peppermint essential oil, dried Albizia Flower, Lapis lazuli
  • Purity- Ylang Ylang essential oil, dried lily, clear quartz
  • Intuition- Rose oil, sophora,red jasper
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