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IMYOGI Positive Affirmation Cards

IMYOGI Positive Affirmation Cards

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Instilling positive thinking in children from an early age is a truly invaluable gift, one that enriches their entire lifetime.

Our IMYOGI Positive Affirmation Cards empower children with the tools to learn the art of self-compassion, self-love, and nurture an emotionally resilient foundation. Saying positive affirmations out loud can be a wholesome daily ritual, shared between you and your little ones. It's an opportunity to explore self-love and empathy together, fostering a deeper connection. These cards inspire children to embrace their inner strength and cultivate a positive mindset.

♥ High quality 400gsm cards
♥ A6 size - 10.5x14.8cm / 4.1x5.8in
♥ Wonderful Gift!

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