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Cool Hand Robyn

Concrete Arch Propagation Station

Concrete Arch Propagation Station

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Hand cast concrete vase also known as propagation station or test tube holder.

The concrete is sealed with a penetrating sealant that has a slight matte finish. Each vase is hand made in my Orlando, FL studio.

Vase dimensions: Height: Approximately 6 inches Width: 4 Inches Depth: Approximately 2 inches Opening: 0.9 inches Don't see a color you like? Message me and perhaps I can custom make something for you. Since each vase is hand made - no two are exactly alike! Slight variations in color and finish are to be expected. Sometimes concrete may develop small hairline cracks with use. This is a natural patina of concrete and a feature not a flaw.

Comes with fresh plant cutting ready to root (plant variety including variegated wandering spiderwart, inverse spider plant or philodendron cuttings)

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