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Crystals Plain & Simple

Crystals Plain & Simple

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For centuries, crystals have been utilized in the practice of healing. According to legend, ancient civilizations harnessed the power of these precious gems to store knowledge. In this informative and practical guide, discover the various ways crystals can treat physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, predict the future, and enhance psychic abilities. Learn which crystals are best for meditation and visualization, cleansing a space of negative energy, fostering creativity, or divining the future. The book also offers advice on purchasing, purifying, and charging crystals, in addition to exploring crystal folklore and a comprehensive gallery of valuable information. Topics covered include crystal legends and folklore, crystal healing, working with crystals and chakras, birthstones, cultivating your own crystals, crystals in relation to the zodiac, and crystals for anniversaries. Whether you're new to the world of crystals or simply curious, "Crystals Plain & Simple" is an entertaining, enlightening, and educational read.

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