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Maranta Red House Plant in 4" Grow Pot

Maranta Red House Plant in 4" Grow Pot

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Elevate your living space with Maranta leuconeura (Red Maranta) plants, carefully potted in 8" nursery grow pots.

Celebrated for their striking foliage and unique movements, these Red Maranta plants effortlessly blend captivating visuals with a touch of nature. The vibrant red veins on the leaves add a pop of color and elegance to any room, making them a must-have for plant enthusiasts of all levels. -Trio of captivating live Maranta leuconeura (Red Maranta) plants in 4" nursery grow pots. -Enjoy the mesmerizing foliage and distinctive leaf movements of the Red Maranta. -Striking red veins on the leaves infuse your space with vibrant color and botanical grace.

Care Instructions: Place in indirect light, water moderately, and maintain higher humidity levels. Perfectly suited for various indoor environments.

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